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Refund Policy
The intangible/information service (Courseware) offered by this website is provided as is. Once you as the "Subscriber" have had access to the "Courseware" NO REFUND will be provided except as outlined in "Section II of this Refund Policy". Further, if you click on any "Payment Gateway" button which processes a payment for courseware offered from anywhere within the website, you are agreeing to Metal Coating Process Corporation's terms of “No Refunds” regardless of any third party Payment Gateway or Credit Card Refund Policies, except as provided by Metal Coating Process Corporation.

Refund Policy Section II
Refunds are only granted on a case by case basis to be determined by Metal Coating Process Corporation for the following reasons:

  • Website network outage
  • End User Internet service outage
  • Interruption of an "In Progress" course session due to website maintenance

End User Restrictions
Access to course materials and "End User" accounts may only be accessed by a single registrant for any single registration. Sharing of "User Names" and "Passwords" with any third party outside of a single registrant account is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Metal Coating Process corporation utilizes several security methods including but not limited to, the tracking of visitor IP addresses to monitor website activity. Any registrant found to be in violation of this "Terms of Service Agreement" (TOS) will result in termination of the registrant's account and the ability to access the course materials located at without any recourse to a refund either in full or in part.

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